Live By It Die By It

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

The Word of God…I live by it….I’ll die by it.
Don’t care who I offend when to my life I apply it
Reading, knowing and applying the scriptures
Makes my life and more true so I’ll know
More about what God wants me to do. I want to
Live right. My battles I want the Lord for me to 
Fight. I want to stand for God and not fall for Satan’s
Any things. It doesn’t matter to me if the world treats
Me mean. I desire to live for God on good days, bad days,
And days that lie between. The Bible gives me wisdom,
Truths, and discipline in order to run my life’s race and
Face trials to make my life and the one’s I affect better
To make me stronger and God gets the glory. To those of
You who may say I learned the Bible stories when I was
Young , isn’t that good enough? No, it is not and I don’t
Regret being rough. The Bible is beyond the stories it
Gives us direction for life 365, year by year, decade by decade,
Century by century and so on. It simply gives you more to grow
On. Well, the Bible, I suggest you try it and I hope that soon
By the Word of God you’ll live by it and you’ll die by it.