Crazy Praise

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

People may think I’m stone crazy
But I know that my God is not lazy
He sees all, knows all, and all praise
Is due to Him whether I feel like it 
Or not. Regardless of what I’ve got,
Regardless of the many attacks on me
By the enemy. God I will go stone crazy
Praising you because I know you are 
Beyond great and the reason I’m here 
Is no mistake. You have the power to
Make the earth shake to get back what
The devil stole from me. Nobody knows 
But You genuinely what I’ve gone through.
 Thanking You more than million times is
Not enough because God you just come always
With that good stuff. I don’t care if you think
I’m stone crazy my God is not lazy. You may
Have more than me but that is okay. I’ll praise
God with you because my blessings have to be 
In cue. Do what you do and I will too. I just know
To God a crazy praise  is always due.