A poor popper

Written by: marymkilker marymkilker

Not on the streets where one would fear for safety.
In a home where nobody is rood.
Not under a bridge in search of a place to sleep.
A bed upon a pedistol for a wonderful night of dreams.
Not digging in a dumpster seeking warm food after a restraunt had closed.
Soaking up gravy with the last bite of a bisket upon a shiny plate.
Alone and lonely not knowing where to go.
Driving home to a family whos waiting to see me.
Clothes dirty and no shower or bath to use.
Bubbles glistening in a tub of delightful essance.
A cold winters night will take ones breath away.
A home with a wood burning stove gives warmth to the lucky ones.
Yet a poor poper am i.?
Words to write and why.
Aww for I am not a poper but one of wealth beyond ones dreams.
For i have been given a gift that no money nor fame shall taketh away.
A poor poper is not me.