Where I truly want to be

Written by: Zelda Cane

Somewhere over the ocean
Is a place for me,
Somewhere across the land
Is where I want to be.

Here I am
Typing Away,
Stuck inside
All night and day.

I want to do something with my life,
I want to be free,
I don't want be here anymore,
Please, let me go, let me be.

I look over my lawn,
Looking at the birds,
Why can't I fly with them?
Why can't I run with the deer herds?

I want to be free,
To make my own decisions,
But all I see now,
Are nothing but visions.

I want this to be a goal,
But I can't see it being more than a dream,
I want independence,
No more of this 'people team.'

I envy them,
What they have is
Much more valuable than a gem.

One day I'll find that place over the ocean,
Where a place is waiting for me,
One day I'll travel across the land,
Where I truly want to be.