Synthetic soul

Written by: anthony beesley

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...that's what I told her...but she didn't believe
Used to ugliness and cold crime scenes
Like a bad dream...smelling roses while gettin tangled up in thorns
Pain of death...pain of being born
Wet,cold,and wartorn
There is no bottom to her her bottomless hole
She's a quick deadly queen with a synthetic soul

She smiles like the sun and hides her furious frown
I roll a little closer and I know I'm going down
This chaos clown needs his frustration fix
With the spirit of a scarecrow...she's made of straw and sticks
Like a demigod diva with razor sharp claws
I can't forget her naughty number...I'm forced to make that call
I climb to her throne then I fall in defeat
Kicked hard in the face...still I can't retreat
Dazed and dumfounded now I question it all
Casting pearls to a sexy swine with a synthetic soul

Her crown of deludes and it deceives
The jewels they sparkle brighter than black nights lost out at sea
She says "YOU'RE FREE"...but I know I'm still a captive
I'm getting distracted as her detours make straight ways crooked
With supernatural x-ray vision now I'm a looker
I can see through confusion
I can see through storms
I can see through the heart of the honey with the synthetic soul