The conscience

Written by: Ryan Jackson

Confused thought's in ones head,
trembles thy heart and soul.
Mind traces left and right,
the conscience to be told..................
To dance with 'the' dark spirit,
it'll take you astray,
and all goodness in you,
will fade away.
Do not be tempted by him,
or look for his path,
this will only lead you,
to sharing his wrath.
That fallen angel,
thrown down from above,
will tempt you to hate,
and never love.
So remember this,
my caring advice,
ignore the devil's dance,
don't be sacrificed..................
 I'll tell you this,
on what you should do,
dance with the devil,
you know you want to.
Be free around him,
make him proud,
commit to hate and anger,
share it around.
Take all his temptations,
smoke, drugs and drink,
indulge your life with them,
like curiosities blink.
Be with him as one,
and forever you'll be,
dancing with your fate,
for eternity.