Dedication To The Dead

Written by: Green Trees

Your life inspired me.
Some dream of valuing something other than simplicity
You did the illusional, while others preferred delusional.
Not possible to copy you, not possible to forget you.
Even acoma would set me in a state of mind where our intentions collide,
where our friendship is felt through every touch,
every vibration.
If i were to awake, alone; inside you'd remain.
My heart full of confidence, my mind full of music.
Full of motionless realms brought on by peacefulness and pain.
Numbing to the soul.
Yet our bodies give up on us before we are ready
Yet our souls are anxious for a body of spreading seas
A body of worlds, and hesitant for a body of spiraling emptiness.

For we believe what hides our fears.
Until we retaliate, until we fight back,
at last we have experienced loyalty.

Life, full of unknown space.
Filled with subjects we cannot explain.
Complications override the essence of what should be risen,
and what shall one day fall.
Safe landings, unprepared for what's unknown.
Saving the past, retracing a circle,
leaving your time darker than before.
What can't be done, could begin a growth.
All we want is what is next, all we beg for is what we have.
Inside, we stand alone
surviving only from our hearts,
because of our mind