Me and my k9

Written by: Ryan Jackson

On one fine day,

we went for a stroll,

not holding back was he, after seeing his ball.

The suns heat fell down on us with all its might,

our path was ahead, in our sight.

And time to play rose to peak,

running rabbits we saw, near  the old creak.

Crackled the far forest looked,

bonkers his eyes shook!

Wind whistled through cut grass,

had our time of play already pass?

Was I just as mad as him?!

Now impatient with those bonker eyes,

growing greater and wide as the sky.

The ball!!! bonkers eyes told me,

the ball!!!!

Throw it......

maybe then we would play,

oh, I say, I say.

Threw it with all my strength one did,

he turned away from me, bonkers eyes started to skid.


now you can run!!!!

Never stop running,

with those bonker eyes.

Madness and insanity playing with your best friend,

all day long, till the very end.


By Ryan Jackson. Written on 4/JULY/2011