Plastic Hearts Plastic Wrapped

Written by: Green Trees

Seal yourself up, honey, you're not fooling anyone
Believe what you want, soon everyone will be gone
You laugh at what is true, you think it's all about you
Everything you speak of might as well be written
According to yourself, you've never been bitten
Look at your lies,your lies overpowering what is right
Deceive me all you want, have fun trying to sleep at night
Hate me, for i am your mirror
You white-mask yourself, and the portrait becomes clearer
I am the image of what you want to see
Let this grudge accompany you when you're alone with misery
I cant hear you when you speak
Your lies drown me out, your words are so weak
Say your goodbyes and tell me I'm the best
Get this over with, I'd like some effing rest
Quit fooling yourself, just let go and be true
If only you realized, the bad guy is you