The Game of Life

Written by: Green Trees

I'm so tired of being misunderstood
But i guess that's what life's all about
It's what causes us to prove ourselves
and let the others break free
from the chains of doubt.
So crazy how the world's always spinning
and we're never in the same direction
That's exactly why i stay high, to get a sense of correction.
Flying high in the sky, soaring in and out of clouds
My mind's hazy, i get lazy, but now I've figured this town out.
It's not about who's in the front, its not about who's getting high.
It's about the ones up above, helping you to get by.
To realize all the chaos, and destruction is just a wall.
That you can work your way through, and rise above, to later fall.
Into a sea of changing tides that rises low and rises high,
this is about the game of life
and just how to stay alive.