On the Menu Valentine's Day

Written by: Aleasha Martin

On the Menu Valentine’s Day

Teddy bear eyes from yours to mine
And sweet scents from Givenchy…
Makin’ me speak French
So put the rose to your nose…
Make you feel so free 
With brilliant significance
So glad that we’re in this
 You reach out to caress my face
With this look of sincere
Cause we’re on a journey to Japan
Like Issey Miyaki
But still Italy is waiting
Like Giorgio Armani’s sensual aftertaste
So we’re romance based
Like a beautiful sunrise 
And I love this taste
I can’t wait to embrace…
Your beautiful bubble bath
With candle lights surrounding 
Making me feel like I’m drowning
In the sounds of your waves
It’s the taste that I crave…
It’s what’s on the menu this Valentine’s Day

By: Aleasha A. Martin