Written by: Joe Inca

In a world once devoid of all color.
Near the end of it's mythical age.
Was bestowed a final magical gift
Before time could turn the page

Lily was born to Avalon
And raised in Lyonesse
She spoke in soft melodic tones
and moved with angelic finesse

Her skin was the shade of the harvest moon
Her heart of the sun's warm caress
Her eyes were forged of emerald mist
and her hair was a windswept mess

Sweet Lily knelt at rivers edge
To splash her upon her  face
The waters of the sacred flow
Which carried nature's grace

When she raised her head she felt renewed
and she wiped the wash from her eyes
To see reflected, a strange new world
An awe inspiring surprise

A world of color newly formed
by this girl and her new found powers
Beauty swept throughout the realm
Of Sweet Lily the queen of the flowers

Radiance followed where ever she walked
Her path was not hard to detect
Fragrance of lilac filled the air
While tulips all bowed with respect

She wandered forth, the wind her guide
To share her precious gift
Rainbows free to arc the sky
and infinite bubbles adrift

It's said she wanders still, this place
A world of her minds creation
All beauty it seems is a product of
Sweet Lily's imagination