Bible Cover

Written by: jeff eklund

My new Bible cover has a zipper you open
and close using a cross …
On the one hand I rely on the cross to
open and close a side pocket to my Bible. 
Should I rely on this cross … yes but should 
it be on the side? Shouldn’t it be on the main
zipper? Shouldn’t it be the one that opens 
to the Book? Shouldn’t it be the cross, by pulling,
tugging, yanking on it, open eyes, heart, and mind 
to the truth? Can I trust enough that if i lean on 
this object, it will aid me in opening my life to the Word?
Do i love my new cover more than what it covers?
as I flipped to the back i noticed the tag
“Genuine Leather Body” it states, “with simulated 
leather trim.” is my faith only 
genuine leather with simulated leather trim?