Valentine's Hope

Written by: Joe Inca

I've focused on this evening
For near a fortnight now
Each element planned to perfection
Every detail intended to wow

I admit that in the past
My efforts have been wanting
To pack my feelings to a single night
At the very least was daunting

But not this time I was proud to say
I would dazzle her every sense
A night complete with all her favorites
Sparing no expense

With a rose in my teeth, two goblets in hand
and attired in a rented tux
She passed me bye, slumped on the couch
and rambled of how her job sucks

I offered some wine, she said "not tonight
This day has left me too tired
I must review these reports, then get some rest
Or tomorrow I'll surely be fired"

As I watched her wearily climb the stairs
I felt a wave of somber dismay
I extinguished all the candle light
and sent the cellist away.

As I gazed at all my wasted effort
I felt an angry rush
She didn't acknowledge the time I had spent
Just left me alone in the hush

As hours passed I realized
My anger was surely misplaced
I remembered that smile she shows only to me
and all of my pain was erased

I went upstairs to check on my sweet.
and give what support I could
If I could reach inside and relieve her stress
God knows I certainly would

Atop our pedal covered bed
In a state of grace she slept
Clutching the poem I had left on her pillow
still soaked with the tears she had wept

I placed a blanket upon her
and wiped away her tear
then closed my eyes to imagine
How to dazzle my love next year.