New Creation Feb 19 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

I wonder sometimes how my life would be,
living without this mental disease.
They run my life and everything I do,
controlling me however they please.

With the anxiety, the doubt and the insecurity I feel,
it grabs me like a thief.
Holding on to all the I am, 
I live a life full of misery and grief.

I am fading away into a new creation forming,
molding my soul to fit the evil within.
Dazed and confused, lost to who I've become,
the devil in my eyes and n attitude to my grin.

I wake up every morning,
to a train wreck in my head.
The voices are so loud and distorted,
but I can't understand what's being said.

Day in and day out,
I live inside m own personal h*ll.
Constantly I find myself spacing off,
my only way to take control, I rebel.

My deepest inner thoughts, 
are place upon the highest shelf.
I have locked them safely away,
my only protection for myself.