Sebastian IV

Written by: Annalee Pierce

You’ve won the night’s most honorary award
For saying that you felt the same,
And taking it back after just five days
Now look what you did, you made a little girl cry
You looked just like Prince Charming
Until you pushed her off
The monkey bars
Don’t you know you shouldn’t play pretend
When you hold her heart in the palm
Of your hand?

She was ready to be a princess bride
Maybe one day be your 
But you had to go and deceive her, galloping away
Leaving a trail of smoke and
Funhouse mirrors
You sent a letter with an official seal, that
Said you could be her  friend
She really had
Believed in you
Then you went and changed your mind

And your words became so meaningless
Like a politician’s speech
As if saying it was okay
Would really make 
It so
As sleet came down outside, she shook
Perhaps not entirely from
Forever ended suddenly--
She was falling from cloud nine as you
Were falling off the 
The fairytale was done for sure, but
What happened once it

Well, the epilogue, it goes like this
She dried up all her
Your  words were nothing but a heap of trash
Much like the boy who wrote them
She deserves someone someday who has both a spine
And a pair
Meanwhile, you deserve your prize, the
Award for weakest man
Our heroine walked out the champ
Because now she knows the truth:
Relationships don’t ruin things
Boys do