Moon for Dinner

Written by: Sami Helbaoui

The night falls 
and me and a friend are having a walk
He looks up the sky and says stare up high
the moon looks ugly
I look at it and think, then say:
Someone ate the moon
It seems so tasty but it makes you so wasty
It look so cool but it makes you a fool
As we dazzled up high we laughed with a cry
A car comes by and we say good-bye
But thank you God cause we didn't die
I farted, he peed
He cried, I screamed!!
The man comes out, he wants to knock us out
While he was swaying he was saying:
What's this smell? The floor is so wet
Why do you cry? As if your momma died
We stand up saying as if we were playing:
Shut up punk! Your momma's so fat!
The cops come down asking what was down
I ate the moon, I say like a fool
He looked up strait and fell with a praise
I felt like a God but I'm just a mod
I go to the guy tell him he will die
He punched me high making me fly
My friend was a freak, he gave a big shriek
Everyone left and I was left
My friend gazed as he hold me strait
And told me that I have to write that
I said okay and you're so gay.