Written by: Debbie Duncan

There were  fireflies in the garden
As I thought to my self  that day 
About the secrets families hold 
Are secrets never should  be told
As I was  young and not to old
I watched her cut her flesh

Not once but thirty times more  
I kept wondering why cut herself
I starred  at fireflies in the garden
As I thought back to this memory
Seemed like a dream to me at 2 am
And at the very young age of  ten

I watched the blood dripping from wrists
As they were yelling and screaming words 
Someone was not paying enough attention 
My mind kept trying to processes the scene  
At an age I should not be seeing all this 
Amongst the mixed messages swirling around
I thought about the fireflies outside the window
I was abruptly brought back to this dreadful scene
As I heard the dog cry out in pain as it was cut open
Only because she was there and in the way  
She was a miniature Doberman pincher named Tiny

There were so many words and accusations spit out 
It lasted a few hours but seemed the whole night 
So many secrets in this family never should be told
 Whenever I think back to this sad sad time 
I remember the fireflies that were in the garden      
I starred  at fireflies in the garden as I thought 
I want to get away from all this insane madness 
And fly free alongside the fireflies in the garden