Written by: April Rose Escopete


I’m so tired of searching for the things that made me satisfied
I want to stop, because it so hard for me
To search for the right one,
I met him without knowing he was the right
I ignored him, I left him alone and I pushed him away
Then I go for the one that I tough was right
Yet I’m wrong, I failed for searching the right
I started to search my happiness, and then I found it
But why? It’s not enough to complete me
It’s not enough to take away those pains
For the second time I failed, I lose hope
I need someone who could give me strength to go on
Then I try to search again and someone came,
He gave me the strength that I need
He gave me the happiness that I wanted and
I felt that he is the right one
A year later, everything’s changed, it became worst
We need to accept that there are no such things that will last forever
I cried, I suffered, and now I’m afraid
But I met him again the one that I regret
He took away my tears, he guided my way
He put things back again, he did some miracle
He hugs me tight and said
“My child you don’t have to search again, I’m here beside you
Just let me in to your life, take me as your savior and
Take me as yours as you’re one GOD”

- Escopete, April Rose B. -