On Reaching Sixty

Written by: jeff eklund

I have reached a pinnacle pertaining to age
a time of great reflection
I didn’t think I’d have this reaction
when I finally reached this stage
giddy as a child with great exhilaration 

I’m so excited o’er this day
a day of expectation
a shout a great sensation
on my sixth decade day
an icon in the boomer generation

We have b’day weeks in this family
so I don’t know what to expect
quiet murmurs, special plans, oh I’m so suspect
A clandestine celebration, a huge festivity
maybe I will check the mail, RSVP intercept

But lo, a small salutation
almost like any other day
I smile, courteous, truly I don’t know what to say
disappointed, depressed thought of retaliation
Should I react or quietly pray

Should I let it go unnoticed, unspoken
should I just let go of the past
Would I be acting selfish, ridiculed, and sassed
do I quietly let my heart stay broken
or sulk and act harassed

Do I really feel downtrodden
or am I just not acting my age
shouldn’t I be more mature at this stately stage
then to have my soul entirely sodden
or to break into a rage

I hope to rise well above  
when I am seventy
alas I may be free
forgive, forget, and love
and keep my sanity