A Girl named Sue

Written by: Susann Riedel

Hi my Name is Sue, what about You?
I live in a village with golden Trees
In the summertime we have a lot of Bees
Just old people, nothing's going on here
So all what you can do is drink a Beer
So cheers to all my friends, this is the End
Good advice for a smalltown Girl
They never call you here a Pearl
Be friendly and kind all the Time
Or you never get a Like
Be silent and Polite
Then you will be Fine
I'm fed up with these Rules and Fakes
Wanna get out of this Cage
Free like a bird under the Clouds
This would be heaven no Doubt
Out on the street with a big fake Smile
Watching the people for a While
They looking at me and starring Around
Can hear the whisper in the Ground
Wanna scream from the top of my Lung
Wanna start a fight but can not move On
Wanna step back but have no Power
Rain is water me like a Flower
So now im here in front of the Wall
My soul is naked, God Bless you all
It's time to leave the battlefield
Im wearing my mask as a shield
At the end of the day im just a Girl named Sue
What about you?