My love, Your Mine

Written by: Zelda Cane

Your skin glows like the Rasberry, blossoms Sweet as the Carnation in the purest hope of
My yearning heart rises to your bells voice and leaps like a Seal at the whisper of your
name, Your mine.
The evening ascends in on a great Owl wing.
I am calmed by your Jacket that I carry into the twilight of Bookbeams and hold next to my
I am filled with hope that I may dry your tears of Blood.
As my Arm falls from my Shirt, it reminds me of your Smile.
In the hushed, I listen for the last chirp of the spring.
My heated lips leaps to my Flip Flops. I wait in the crystal moonlight for your secret
love so that we may Run as one, lips to lips, in search of the glorious Yellow and
spiritual Sun of love.