Written by: terrah young

aDdIcTeD...  restricted , constricted 
to fight, my words just take flight, 
out of minds sight..., 
addicted to #*@! it takes your last 
breath.., this addictionis not a test.., 
it will leave you with 
sleepless nights and no rest.., one 
hit is all it takes..,  and then its got 
you hooked.., this 
world you have now entered has got 
you all shook..., it will take over your 
feelings and any 
emotion you once had..., this drug is 
nothing but disgusting and bad. It 
will take away from you anything 
you once had. First it seems like fun 
and then years later you realise all 
that you "could have done" but just 
dident cause you wanted to waste 
your life and sit around and just hit 
it. Forgeting the dreams and goals 
you once had, liveing a life filled 
with emptyness & sad.