Saying goodbye

Written by: Laura Sabau

Time is fragile, time is thin
Strings of white pearls
Hang and seek for equilibrium
Distant cries, unheard callings
For so much I've wondered 
Lost and alone.

Your ship left too soon
Yet the anchor was still aboard,
It kept pulling you under
Forcing water to run on the sides.

New horizons await beyond the sea,
Transitions, experiences, dreams and hopes
All of them drowned in the fear of change.

I felt your warmth for the last time
I heard your heart breaking
I saw it aching
I watched you pretending to be strong
Even though you knew what was the end all along.
Until it was undeniable
That last goodbye was inevitable.

You held me close
At a complete loss for words
I couldn't hide the hurt 
Behind my smile anymore;
Tears were speaking in the name of all the unnecessary words,
Our kiss never experienced that passion before.

Only the thought of it brings
Crystal drops
That decorate the dry surface of my cheeks;

My body is yet not prepared:
My eyes - colorless and pale
My face - motionless and tired 
My mind - confused and undecided
My hands - shaking and aching.