Gangs of New York

Written by: Kimberly Anne

Is evil bad?
Not from its line of sight.
If you look thru their eyes, darkness is the light.
Knowledge is power, but power is greedy.
Once ultamite has been tasted the desire to control takes over.
But darkness is not understood...
It lures with promises of grandure then rips away that which makes you happy?
So one thinks... 
Is evil just the loss of the power to be happy?
For we all know evil and darkness do not bring happiness,
it only burdens us with the stress of the knowledge it provides.
For once you've seen you can't deny.
So then I ask...
Is ignorance the true path to happiness?
For the more we stuggle to understand the less we grasp the purity of true 

**I wrote this after watching "Gangs of New York"