Written by: Kimberly Anne

What have I done?
Let it die with the sun.
Working towards a smile is what I thought I was doing.
But I let the past take hold and stop me from being.
What did you do?
Only what you said you would.
So I take the blame Knowing it will never again be the same.
Believing its all for the best.
Wondering if I can pass this test.
The test of time, 
The test of strength, 
The test to tell if I've got what it takes.
This life will leave you spinning around,
Slowly lifting your feet up off the ground.
Until the moment you fall from grace,
Staring blankly into your own face.
Scapegoat is in the reflection.
Trying to right the misconception.
Will I fail or prevail?
Only the ticking of time will tell.