what if

Written by: Elizabeth Bark

What would you say?
What would you do...
What if...?
What if we are supposed to beat the odds, and be together
What if love should prevail?
What if our love is enough?
Enough to show the world that we don't care?
Would you be willing to take the chance?
do you believe that?
That we are enough...
That we are meant to be?
I believe that. I believe that we can do anything.
Anything we set our minds too.
Love shouldn't come easy.
It's gonna have bumps, problems and things that mess up.
But if we make it through, all the bad. All the good will be that much better.
Everything we go through all the tests that we pass and fail...
Makes us stronger and shows us what we need to fix.
Can we make it?
Do you think we can?
We just need to believe it.
Believe in our love and each other.
           What if...