Ode to Dogs

Written by: Zelda Cane

You dogs make me happy,
Always barking and yelping,
Always trying to protect me,
And to me your always helping.

I love your big ears,
And your long snout,
There is never a time
You make me pout.

I love how you jump when you 
Know we're going on a walk,
I love how you understand me
When to you I talk.

I love the angels
You make in the snow,
I love how you (almost) never
Tell me no.

I love the constant dropping
Of tennis balls in my lap,
And when I'm done,
You too call it a wrap.

You will always be my first dog
I'll love you no matter what,
Even if most people (never me),
Think you are a dirty, stinking mutt.

Even though you can't read this, it's still dedicated to you, my lovable, adorable doggy,