Rotary convention

Written by: Mohammad Chaudhry

Was it Saxony Asia or Asia Saxony?

Was it Saxony Asia or Asia Saxony?
From Japan to Germany Rotarian so many!

An occasion for mix up of cultures irrespective of race & creed for world understanding

High quality entertainment, food for the thought and of course. taste buds pandering

With Rotary Governor, Saxony prime minister and the Prince all standing

At the podium, to share their feelings, thoughts  and key message motivating

From the new BMW factory, enchanting Glashutte to Volks W’s transparent factory

The outstanding symbols of revival of the glory of good old days of Saxony

A woodwork museum of Daetz to depict symbolic representations of religions since ages

An exclusive collection of art and culture  backed by singing and dancing outrages

The last dinner was a special treat with aurora of rich culture old and new

Participation of Prince Alexandar and all sundry  and entertainment of all hew

With classic band and dances, the compere was also a person of class

 His touches of humor  made paper man’s ‘tricks and Japanese dance nicely pass

A sitting in the church of lady on the last day was soul enriching

And briefing of the guide of city tour, a lady of letters, truly bewitching

Our experience surpassed of all in past if any

So we say, was it Saxony Asia or Asia Saxony?