The Beat Goes On

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

  Can you listen up to my heart beat
  Or is it the beats from that beat?
  It's the radio,
  Then it goes on gently
  Yes, like a long thin snake
  Where uuh, where huu!
  Could be... couldn' t be
  Could be my heart is beating like the radio,
  Snake! Beat into bits,
  Where huu o, where huuo,
  I can float easily or deep in underwater
  Like gold fish of the pacific,
  Just like Titanic
  It surges and lush gently,
  Can i go and speed in a car
  And feel the beat carry me higher?
  Not me if i were you, not me
  Should i...should n't i ?
  Whether i am sleeping or playing
  Work and awake,
  Not me if i were you, not me
  If i fall down i will stand up myself,
  Just as if i am drunk with the beat
 And dance like the Go go hit,
  Go steady and slow so gently,
  I have seen the bride dance  perfidiously,
  Take care buddy, take care
  Have i...have n't i ?
  No one is called we have come
  Herself! Mixed and missed,
  Take care buddy, take care
  It dwindle and it dwindle,
  Something or some one is sounding so blissfully,
  It is sonic  groovy,
  And is off the wall hit
  And it bade encore
  All through the evening,
  O! Michael, Michael's legendary is like Michaelangelo,
  Singing and dancing all through like a yoyo,
  It's that beat of bit of a change of face
  Could made you lose your grace,
  You have painted the face with colourful-colours,
  Exposed to the brush and erase that smear on the nose,
  You adjusted the thrilling lips off the negro,
  And the eyes have they tune up to lustful glare,
  The cheek o! so Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, that! cheeks
  You were infamously infuriating,
  So provocatively humanly bad
  You were endearing to the last,

  In toto, you were a king of the whirlwind,
  In tete, you were the prince of applause,
  And tata, you were the sire of controversy,
  You were... the messiah of all possibility,
  You were... the song personify,
  The melody in the throat of a trumpeter,
  And the soulful largo largesse of a crooner,
  It  dwindle...
  Then sefini