Circle of Life Jan 19 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Some people only dream of angels, and some actually hold one in their arms.  A 
beautiful soul sadly taken away, with such innocence, beauty and charm.

A tragedy you face every minute of the day, you have to force yourself out of bed.  A 
burden so heavy deep in your heart, with the reality of your loved one dead.

How do you accep that much pain?  That is running through your every bone.  
Saying goodbye seems so impossible to do, your feeling empty and all alone.

The sadness takes over your soul and the visions haunt your mind.  Replaying the 
loss over and over again, if the nightmares you could rewind.

An angel in heaven now watching over you, walking you through every step of the 
day.  The memories give you the strength that you need, and  the guidance will 
never lead you astray.