Rag Doll

Written by: Annalee Pierce

What makes me so special?
You favor me with ease
You take me with you everywhere, through your highest highs
And your lowest lows
It is like I was born branded, like the bump
That you bestowed
A thorny crown placed on my head, causing
Scars that I can’t heal

I was born to be your rag doll
You keep me close at
To be a yes-man when you’re happy, because I’m
Something you can spoil
You give me gifts just so I’ll stay
But when you get mad, I’m
Yours to hit
There’s a smile painted on my face, and 
It never falters

Beneath the surface, there are cracks
Where your hypocrisy alone
Has dared to go
My walls are up, my doors are locked, but you always find
Your way in, then blow down the chimney
And even though my heart is made 
Of stone, around you, it
Always  crumbles

And with you it’s all a competition
To see who can hate you
You’d kill for some affection, and
Basically, you do
I still remember that day, two years shy of now
When I sat there cowering on the floor
When you hit and pulled my hair
You said I’d never 
Known abuse
But I know you personally

Only you can be pardoned for everything
You are forgiven without excuse,
Name us guilty  without trial
We lack lawyers and a jury, and I’m tired of
Taking all the blame
For the stupid things you do
I’m just another daughter, just Raggedy Anybody
But I wrote this poem all for you
And only you’re to blame