Faith we'll meet again

Written by: lori kerrigan

Sorrow poured through me
as I heard you were gone
No future stories with both us
Still many memories live on
Conversations between us
only you and I'd understand
The things that we went through
side by side, hand in hand
Making one another feel better
when life had us down
Now I can't seem to hold you
on my face I wear a frown
My tears are still falling
My wounds they must be deep
For the memories I am grateful
Thankful for the thoughts I have to 
Why should I just accept
The fact that you are gone?
If it's about faith and believing
with me- you'll forever live on
I cry when I miss you
for I wish you were here
I love you unconditionally
to me, that is clear
I wish to someday again hold you
Make up for lost time in the past
Hopefully the next time we meet
It won't go on by us as fast
I'll try to hold on to believing
That love conquers all
Trusting in God to be with me
When the heavens give me a call
Where we will be reunited
After time spent apart
There are no words to describe
the way you've touched my heart,