Written by: Robert Gresak

I fancy we have known each other long before
on some distant land, on some distant shore
such is our closeness of mind and thought,
such are the things together we have wrought.

How quick you are my moods to sense,
to soothe away my stress-and mind, tense
with worry and anxiety
quick to guide me to some calming beauty.

What amazing things we have been thro' together,
braved all manner of trials in all manner of weather,
braved the darts and stings and pains of adversity
supported each other with love and sincerity.

I am truly blessed to have a friend so true
a friendship deep and ever new.
I cherish your kindness and your care
for I know your morsal of substance you would share.
You are a soul truly rare./

Thro' you dear friend the sky is more truly blue,
the roses in my garden more fragrant and of richer hue.
Tomorrows horizon  is not so bleak
as your hopefulness and cheery spirit
support us both thro' each week./