Beauty and Ashes

Written by: Diamond Poetry

Now it started off
just you and me 
as happy as can be 
hold on this isn’t a fairytale 
no castles
no princesses 
or fancy dresses 

this is my fairytale 
I’ll be your princess and you be the bear
and you rescue me from the big bad wolf
showing me just how much you care 

I walk into the forest at 6am 
You follow me around without a care 
I run off and enter a house 
with four bowls of porridge I don’t have to share

Love is a rainbow 
In a dark winters sky 
Its made up of beauty and ashes 
that just pass us by 

You find me sitting all alone
as i weep a Cinderella song
Your hairy chest keeps me warm that night 
as you kiss me under the crisp moonlight

I wake up to silk and satin 
how you transformed into prince charming
So handsome and thin 
no my hero is my love
my everything