A Rush Of Fortitude - An Unspeakable Strength

Written by: Mary Moussa

Here I was then and there desiccated by deterioration
But now, here I stand ignited by determination
Fortitude, you have nourished and cradled,
And cured a disease of the heart,
That has forever been so fatal.

Fortitude, you come bearing uplifting gifts,
A spark of inspiration, a blaze of motivation
“I believe in you”, you whispered one night,
And with this I held you so tight.
To a tortured soul you became so dear!
Filling up holes of long past years.

I stand no longer alone,
I stand no longer in the terrible cold.
Tears I no longer shed,
And hope I no longer dread.

For you have taught the blind to see,
A little bird to finally flee,
A heart of stone to finally sense glee,
And Hushed! The mighty sea.
Alas! Alas! A heart is finally at Rest!  
Alas! Alas! A mind has finally fullfilled its quest!

~ M.M.M