Factors affecting intelligence - Part 1

Written by: Johnny Pyro

1. Time (duration within a particular period of time) whether short or long and Time of
education, time availability for study
2. Interest at a particular point in time
3. Length, size, structure, width (specificity and diversity) of information available at a
particular time or point in time
4. Recepto-recereativity (Recreato-receptivity) - The ability of an individual to retain
and retrieve-remember information or to retain information without necessarily
understanding what the information means. It is the ability to manipulate data to make
personal meaning. It could be with the use of clues such as mnemonics etc. Also known as
the natural-intuitive-unlearned technique of doing things or representing things. It is the ability to use personal techniques or to retain and remember and give back what was implied without any derivation.
5. Creativity - This is driven by interest and understanding of the subject or information
and thus the individual has the ability to remember and recreate based on his/her
understanding-interpretation of the meaning. The individual can recreate or derive based
on his/her understanding. It is a point of view orientated knowledge at its peak, and a
derivative of one’s understanding. Here the information is linked to make-form meaning.
Knowledge at its peak equals understanding and understanding at its peak equals creativity (derivative of one's own understanding). But creativity is according to the individual's interpretation (point of view oriented)-understanding.
6. Mental work load