The Depths of Me Jan 20 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

No one will fully understand, 
the personal effects of my disease.
What I experience, how I feel,
and the horrible things that I see.

I'm trapped inside this mess called life,
stuck with the visions, the sounds and the noises.
Escape theres none, it follows me everywhere I go,
with the constant demands of the voices.

Locked down, all alone in the dark,
yes, my head is screaming, "You are mine!"
I am held hostage by my own insanity,
to me a victim if you had to define.

The many nightmares that I have,
haunt me while I sleep.
I hide away from the rest of the world,
but my fears run too deep.

Crazy I will always be,
that will never change.
Accepting that this is who I am,
misunderstood, alone and strange.