Canine Guilt

Written by: michelle prital

My Shar-pei's eyes are watching me
With a look of pure disdain
I know she's keeping tabs on me
I wish I could explain
Don't judge me. my ole canine friend
My life's a tad bit hectic.
To walk you now would aggravate
My ulcer's turning peptic
I hide your leash, avoid the door
But still I see you peering
My eyes implore,"Please understand" 
But yet I see you leering!
Oh to be judged by fur and snout
Is a fate I do not relish
By choosing not to take you out
My future could be hellish!

If I were to be judged right now
By a jury of my peers
I'd lose the case, take the fall
To a pair of floppy ears

So, "Come on girl. Let's go out"
I'll open up the gate
Take me to the nearest tree
My schedule can wait