Winter's Child

Written by: valeria iliadou

Cold river, on slopes of winter
You flow.
As circle is running
Through creases and smiles,
In seasons festive,
Or cloudy days
Cold river, windy and brave
You drop.
Innocent claims,
Visions white
I am watching the snow falling
Pent in my prison,
Threatened by lies
I am choosing the wrong 
To lean on my soul.
Icy river, on this valley
Where change appears and 
Float me down with you,
Until my breathless need to 
seize the air
Becomes a wish.
White are the hands,
With lines dim,
To hold the sky's turning.
These coins I clentch,
Are my last
To pay my adamant price,
To be waken 
And be risen
In this brumous nest.
Me, the winter's child.