My Cleopatra is Crying Out

Written by: Sadat Khan

I am not a falling start that is using up all its energies 
To crush upon itself and be doomed in infinite gravity.
I am rather a line stretched out down there 
In the visible parameters of time-line.

I am rather a line-graph having curves,
Downs and ascends - somewhere running parallel
To the horizontal axis. 

I am affected by your tears and pains
Egypt, I am affected by the brutality of Cleopatra;
By the harms done by nonsensical repressions
On the smooth mommies of last Pheros.

I am affected by the gunshot that are heard 
Cracking down the cheers of vibrant sons;
Chanting and Lincon's words 

Of the people, by the people, for the people.

Yes, that people are the prophet of time,
waving flags and basking is sunshine; 
They love to die and dip in this 
Infinite timeline. 

Come whatever - the glory of gamble.
I stand there with you - my Egypt 
That wishes the voice be heard
Of the people, by the people, for the people.