In memory of Esther

Written by: Stephan McBride

I am Going Home

I hear you calling thy name
I look forward to one you shall claim
My eyes once flowed tears
And I was  over whelmed with fear
Until I let the Lord in my door
Then I felt love like none before
Lord lead the way and I shall follow
While you relieve thy pain and sorrow
You came and showed the way
And to gather the ones gone astray
Without You would be another lost day
You have carried me over the mountains
While quenching my thirst with your fountain
You have been there by my side
Even when I felt I was
 being pulled away by the tide
I look forward to the promised land
Where the Godly will be 
As numerous as the grains of sand
I am eager to see your face
To be fulfilled with your love and grace
To be a winner in the race
I am heading to my home
For here I do not belong
You say my child you have endured to the end
Now you shall come on in
If it shall be tonight
I am ready to unite