Golden Meadow Smile

Written by: Ray Dillard

We had missed five days in The last two weeks Due to the ice and snow. Roads and streets had been impassable— Freezing rain, blowing snow and black ice. We started the day late at 10 am. I greeted them at the doors— Worried about attendance. But, ninety-five percent made it. Fantastic! They were wrapped in hooded jackets And wore toboggans with rainbow colors. Mothers had stuffed them with oatmeal, Hotcakes and sausage. One carried chocolate milk And powdered sugar donuts, Along with tousled hair and a big smile. I was glad they made it. We didn’t need to lose another Day of instruction. The day went smoothly, too. In spite of the frigid cold that pushed The mercury down to two degrees. Frozen feet tracked salted snow Onto brightly buffed tiles. One carried an icicle two foot long— I convinced him it would keep outside. Then came lunch. The short day was ready made for Corn dogs and sloppy Joes— A menu that might have been invented By kindergarteners. But they hardly touched either one. Today they served Golden Meadow Orange Dream Bars— A dessert that was surely made in Heaven. Ice cream on the coldest day of the year. And the February freeze was forgotten. The orange circled smiles of kinders Beamed a warmth from within, Making the remainder of the day brighter, Marking an end to winter.