Karen's Song

Written by: Kory Calhoun

I woke up this morning
giving undue thanks to anyone.
I took for granted that the sun was shining 
as I was showering.
I turned on my computer without
a second thought as I sipped my coffee.
I clicked onto my usual poetry venue 
out of sheer habit and ennui.
Looking for a way to expend precious
moments I never pay attention to.
Searching for something not thought of
until that certain someone finds you.

I stumbled upon words.
I stumbled upon icons.
I stumbled upon her.

I read her visceral emotions. 
dedicated to a person I didn’t.
I saw strength between each delicate letter.
I felt unconditional love 
in the blank spaces admist each verse.
My friend resounded unbridled courage 
that didn’t need a medal or a monument.

She reverberated life.
She reverberated power.
She reverberated friendship.
She presented me with hope.

What a beautiful gift one can give.
Although poetry is an art form -
giving of one's self is silent godsong.
Dearest poetess -
although we are strangers
I must tell you something.
There is an angel beside you.
You may not be able to see 
their halo or wings - but they are there.
Not too many people 
are visited by mortal cherubs.
You, my friend are truly blessed
You cannot see me crying now,
can you?

...can you?

For: Debbie Guzzi
Free Verse Seriously contest.