Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

 O! Frankenstein you were lost for a century
 Nobody could tell wherever you have been,
 But you are here now, a stranger to paradise,
 Loneliness has become your friend 
 Your other name is Friday, 
 You have no soul, you love Cinderella;
 Come, let us stroll to the earth my brother,
 Should almighty look you twice
 And discover, your heart is a transmitter
 And cord of wire lurking inside the belly,
 Have managed to peep out around your neck axle;
 Come let us go,
 I will make you the President of the world 
 Rule over every nation, every creed and tongue,
 Entreat me, I will teach you all the puerile tricks
 Tall wisdom and nubile swagger,
 Of a new nuance of language. 
 I no go, I no go!
 That globe I no go! I stay, I stay!
 Famished out earth is full of fallacies
 Terribly diabolical, cheerful envy,
 And attractive jealousy like magnet
 Infectious back biting, murderous barking 
 And tearing likes the hounds of hell,
 Virus wickedness, witch hunting like wizard of oz
 Feverish wagons of greediness uncountable; 
 I no go! I no go! I stay I no go!
 Let me hibernate under the umbrella 
 Of the omnipotent shield dreaming dreams,
 Of my blighted love by and by, 
 Where has she gone, Cinderella? 
 I looked afar off in the horizon
 And beheld her like a mirage in a paradise,
 Cupped right palm over the palm view transforming,
 So that focus could discern, now
 Striding same position in the stormy desert
 In the showering sunlight,
 Her figure moon-smooth as marble
 Her hair flagging shamelessly  in the breeze,
 Her jutted hips dance to graceful steps 
 As she came, her robe turned to cloud 
 Turned into fading white goose, as she flew away,
 Aloud her voice bust in mirth
 Beckoning laughter teasing to quench my thirst,
 O! I am man made
 Forgot to put juice of crimson
 To run in my vein,
 To burn fire in my heart
 My brain have muddle up and jumble up,
 All happy wire tying it firm,
 O! I murder Doctor, you do no good!
 I have no appetite, 
 So God can have his dinner
 But, I will die for her, 
 Because she is the dearest dream forever.