Written by: Samuel Fatokun Ph

We laughed and moved in oneness
We played and chatted in happiness
Until the life became darkness
My Friend refused to chat
He said a no! without saying no!
He gave me the best answer for a fool
He remained calm and unmoved, I was moved!
Could my friend have turned a fiend
Not even the eyes to acknowledge my presence....

The elders said I should leave
"Leave my friend?!" Has it come to that
He even reported me?! I'll teach him a lesson...
Oh let's wait till morning, I clapped my little fingers, now hands
Waiting for my friend or even fiend, oh morning, come quickly....

What's going on, morning is that a way to say "morning"
Morning says good "mourning"
Who are these greeting in the morning with mourning?
Looking out to see the mourning, I laughed at the mourning....
The morning I've been waiting for, my friend,
Was placed in a wooding container, ha ha our playing box!
Is this another way to trick me?Okay! let me teach him a lesson!

I can't believe the beautiful Garden, they placed my friends "playing box"
Oh! I see he wants to be playing without inviting me
Walked to the box and was about to revenge....
I smelt something and this smell scares me?
My friend smells pretty bad oh another trick? Ha ha, he farted!
But that smell is different, then I looked around, none seems happy?
I looked closely at our playing box, I saw a white stuff, is he playing "Ghost?"
Oh Ghost! No! Ghost!
My friend! Oh! My friend! I realize and everything worked together in "explaining!"
The fool's answer, the elder's demand.... 
My friend is finally a fiend
Oh! The dark thoughts!
Oh! The white cloth!
Oh! The black man....
It's real!
He's Dead!