Death Can Be Beautiful

Written by: Zelda Cane

The horror runs through you,
You just lost someone dear,
The shock starts to sink in
Causing you to fear.

You can not believe it,
It can't be true.
What happened?
To deserve this, what did I do?

Your thoughts make this ugly,
You make death seem awful,
When it could possibly be
Very beautiful.

It is just a part of life,
It happens to everyone,
At any moment,
You could be done.

Death can be beautiful 
In such a way
To make you cry
But not in a sad way.

Just think,
Just imagine,
Of your dear one
Taking their trip to Heaven.

Just imagine,
Just think,
A beautiful coffin
And a sky pink.

Death can be beautiful,
Do not be afraid,
To think a different way,
For your heart 'tis frayed