Written by: Arcene Janvier

Can you count all the hairs, on your head? 
Can you speak to the graves, and revive the dead? 

Can you manipulate minds, and remove freewill? 
Can you kill the fear, that brings about chill? 

Can you go a whole month, with no sleep? 
Can you make a wolf, befriend a sheep? 

Can you make time stand still, for your benefit? 
Can you prove for sure, that God don't exist? 

Can you control the elements, with your command? 
Can you force wild animals, to be your friend? 

Can you use a lasso, to catch the wind? 
Can you pull yourself up, out of quicksand? 

Can you kill a spirit, with a physical tool? 
Can you tackle and put down, a raging bull? 

Can you wrestle down, a silver-back gorilla? 
Can you single-handedly build, a sport arena? 

Can you make a snake, grow feet to walk? 
Can you give a dumb fish, speech to talk? 

Can you send a baby, to go shopping? 
Can you prevent the inevitable, from happening? 

Can you jump up, and touch the sky? 
Can you grow some wings, like a bird to fly? 

Can you step in deep sea, and walk on water? 
And can you block the blessings, of a cheerful giver?