Written by: Arcene Janvier

Decipher if you're able, secrets of this great riddle. 
If all dreams were lucid, we'd all be immortal. 

Swiftly clear the pathway, for the Juggernaut Beast! 
Who rises early to burn, like the sun from the east. 

The worst imaginable nightmare, to all deemed enemies. 
Like an evil fiend, playing on deep-rooted fears. 

Call it entropy rising, a universe blocker. 
More deadlier than lightning bolt, an inner-soul shocker. 

Mirage-lovers plays with life, a new form of religion. 
Seeking ark of covenant, buried deep in mount zion. 

Set aside a good name, Oversoul to rise. 
One of two witnesses, in revelation it lies. 

Curious prodding minds, taking a closer look. 
Bird-like child with wings, concealed away in nook. 

Secrets you've not been told, is now made manifest. 
Eat now while it's plenty, or a hunger lay to rest!