Written by: Arcene Janvier

Secret knowledge divulged, transportation via Oracle. 
Open your closed minds, decipher the great parable. 
Order out of chaos, alpha point of eternity. 
Mirthful muse master, calling for a return to intimacy. 

Smugness borne of ignorance, case of closed-minded fools. 
Dysfunctional mentality, disregarding laws and rules. 
Invisible fire-mist creatures, sexually perversed. 
Seeking to infect mortals, with dose of spiritual curse. 

Source of mystical knowledge, tapped-in by skilled mediums. 
Marvellous man-made machines, in likeness of cherubums. 
Mind-shattering formula, pure artificial illusion. 
Great divine manifesto, accident or omen? 

Futuristic message made known, precognition handy. 
Deep-sleep fancy dreams, no existence beyond memory. 
Imprinted fiber in being, a walking time-bomb. 
Inevitable cataclysm, inner senses made numb. 

Acquired too much power, turning a course corrupt. 
Vengeful neighbors lurk, only revenge their minds opt. 
So-called all-seeing, all-knowing--blasphemers! 
Idolized and gleefully praised, by foolish worshipers. 

Omega point of time, hard truth made manifest. 
Psychopathic personalities, playing the weak like chess. 
Questioning and prodding minds, a strive to discover. 
Eat while you still can, 'fore the great Beast devour!